Senior Policy Advisor for Emergency Management

Harry de Butts is the firm’s Senior Policy Advisor for Emergency Management. Mr. de Butts served nearly two decades as the Director of Public Works and Emergency Management Coordinator for the Borough of Avalon, New Jersey. The many awards Mr. de Butts has received for his work include special recognition by FEMA for “exemplary practices in emergency management,” a Community Spotlight Award from the Insurance Institute for Property Loss Reduction, and the  National Hurricane Conference’s National Storm Mitigation Award.

His efforts to increase resiliency and reduce risk enabled Avalon to become the first and only coastal municipality in New Jersey to receive a 25% flood insurance premium reduction under FEMA’s Community Rating System. As the Public Works Director for the Borough, Mr. de Butts took the lead in implementing an comprehensive emergency preparedness plan as well as major improvements to the municipality’s infrastructure as well as working with local businesses, property owners, engineering firms and other key stakeholders to develop a successful Business District Infrastructure Reconstruction, Improvement, and Beautification Project. He provides the firm’s clients with assessments of their emergency management plans and recommends best practices that increase their resiliency to storms and floods.