Climate change, sea level rise and severe flooding are the most pressing domestic issues of our time.  Our way of life and every other issue we face will be moot if we don't have communities that are safe from natural disasters and a habitable planet.  Here, you can arm yourself with facts about the very real threats posed by climate change and the related rise of the seas, as well as how coastal communities can fight back through resiliency efforts.  You'll also find practical info about the value of our coasts, and how you can enact change by putting pressure on Congress.  Whatever your views, don't let your elected representatives kick the can down the road any longer!  

Fighting Back

Trump Infrastructure Plan Outline

Trump Infrastructure Plan Details

Trump Infrastructure Analysis & Commentary

List of Unofficial BCRs of Selected Flood Control Projects

Regional Planning; Systems Management & Multi-Year Budgeting

Clarify the Standard for Post-Storm Coastal Restoration